About Us

Our Philosophy

For over three decades, we have won high acclaim and achievements for attractive space creation from client’s viewpoint.

We are a pioneer, especially in the field of Corporate Identity management through car showrooms. We also have a lot of experience in other fields which can be seen in our overall works.

Today, the automobile industry is facing a once-in-a-century era of reform. Our space creation methods too are facing a big change.

The space we create, which is exciting, passionate and attractive, is a place to connect people and company. We also aim to create a space which the society has never seen and can feel a sense of innovation.

We take a forthright approach, building trust by developing a full understanding of the customer’s wishes. We also focus on high quality space creation to generate further value. This approach allows us to bring benefits to the customer and to society as a whole, and we believe it also leads to happier employees.




We face our work, clients and colleagues with sincere effort.
We always have passion and think proactively.



We have innovative mind which will not be satisfied with the present.
We will take in new techniques, products and ideas to provide new values constantly.



We gain trust by enforcing our client’s brand strength.
And, trust within our employees will lead to our company’s growth and prosperity.

President’s Message

Our company has, for more than 30 years, dedicated ourselves to the expansion of import car industry as a “CI management company.” We have focused on shop planning and designing that has accordance with the Corporate Identity (CI), along with providing CI signage throughout the country, designated signage and furniture production, import arrangement from suppliers located abroad, construction and event planning.

In 2018, when I took up my post as president, the automobile industry had entered a once-in-a-century era of reform. MaaS and CASE will spread eventually, and the ways of a car showroom will undergo changes.

Among the changes, new social tasks and values will arise. As a “Brand management company”, we will assess what the society expects, and try to create universal values with our expertise in brand management and item production. I promise we will never stop looking for new challenges.

We also have a purpose as a member of the sustainable society to “increase our customer value with brand management and create a prosperous society.” Our will is to contribute to our society with our business, as a means to return our gratitude to clients.

And I would like our employees to lead a prosperous life with pride in the work they do.

That is what I want this company to be like.

中島謙二 Kenji Nakajima
Urban Space Co., Ltd.


Our logo is our mind

The base hexagon represents our 6 business specialties: CI management, Design/Architecture, Production, Construction, Import/Export and Events.
We have added parts which expresses our 3 philosophies, Trust, Passion and Innovation, and also the U and S which are capital letters of Urban Space.

The logo has a flat form but looks three-dimensional.
We put our wishes and passion into this logo to create an exciting space with a full understanding of the client’s requests.

Our tagline: innovation by human power

We believe human power can make things happen. Every one of our employees will communicate with our clients with passion and pride. We believe our approach to production with focus on craftsmanship will generate further innovation.

URBAN SPACE innovation by human power