Comprehensive total support for brand management

The significant strategy for brand development is brand shop creation. To enhance the brand’s value to the utmost extent, we provide total direction service starting from showroom planning to completion. Also, to adjust to the changing era of brand development, we offer various services, such as developing POP tools and consultation service aimed at car dealers.

  • 01BRAND

    Brand Management

    The key to brand development is brand shop with unified brand image. We provide structure planning to standardize brand image. We also provide shop design and planning, signage and original furniture designing and arrangement, and domestic mass production of items and oversea supplier arrangements. By linking our architectural skills to construction know-how, we provide a comprehensive total direction service starting from showroom planning to completion. Also, we have experience in developing event booth and display items which is important to sales promotion.

    Brand Management Brand Management
  • 02DESIGN

    Design and planning

    We dedicate ourselves to planning car showrooms and workshops. While showing each brand’s identity, our space creation is customer friendly. We support our customer in basic planning, detailed planning management, space design that leads to enhancement of the brand value.

    Design and planning Design and planning
  • 03SIGN

    Shop signage/furniture planning

    We provide products, which follows the brand regulations such as colors, materials and sizes, with quality and cost that adjusts to Japanese market. Also, we can design module and systematic products that can be effective in multistore development. We also have earned a solid reputation in original designed furniture and various displays.

    Shop signage/furniture planning Shop signage/furniture planning
  • 04IMPORT

    Export and import work

    In order to meet our customer's broad range of needs, we make full use of our overseas network. We provide export and import service, from customs clearance to goods receipt, inspection and storage, which we conduct by ourselves.

    Export and import work Export and import work
  • 05CONST-


    Our construction supervisors are fully acquainted with each brand's regulations and specifications, and work with design personnel to effectively manage construction sites. This leads to schedule control and cost advantages. Based on our experience with a focus on car showrooms, we guarantee high quality completion. For signage and furniture installation, our domestic subcontractor network enables us to conduct schedule management for multistore development.

    Various constructions Various constructions
  • 06EVENT


    Without changing the showroom ambience and brand image, we plan, create and execute various types of customer events. Also, with our know-how of multistore item production. we provide assistance in developing and producing signage and display items which best suits the event.

    Event Event

    Consulting Service

    Aimed at car dealers nationwide, we have started a consultation service focused on management, sales and service. We provide consultation for various management themes and help customers adapt to the changing automobile industry.

    コンサルティング事業 コンサルティング事業

For each project, our employees with expertise will set up a team to accomplish the task.

At Urban Space, we set up a team that best suits the project. Professional members that have special knowledge in various fields will accomplish client’s request and tasks with sincerity. Every brand we work on, we have a team inside our company that consists of specialists from different departments, such as sales, design, quality control and construction, who have full knowledge of the brand. Urban Space has gained great trust from its client by team work, quick response and know-how of 30 years of experience.

Project Team